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OMG! Heavenly! But naughty!

I just can’t tell you how good this is. Made it in 10 minutes before picking up the kids from school in my instant pot. 🙌 Soooooooo good.

It’s also amazing with minced beef or sliced beef. 👌


~ 3 cups of cooked chicken (I used the leftovers from a roast chicken)

~ 500g of macaroni

~ can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup

~ enough chicken stock to cover ingredients

~ 2 tsp of smoked paprika

~ 2 tsp of chopped garlic

~ tbsn of sour cream & chive dip

~ 3 cups of sliced mushrooms

~ 2 cups of sliced red onion

~ tbsn of butter

~ tbsn of hot dog mustard

~ tbsn of ketchup

~ few dashes of worcester sauce

~ cup of grated cheddar

~ parmesan & pepper to taste


1) Fry the vegetables in butter on the browning setting for 3 minutes.

2) Chuck everything else in an instant pot apart from the cheese and sour cream. Mix and stick on for 5 minutes. Leave to rest for five.

3) Stir in sour cream dip, sprinkle cheddar on top. Pop lid back on for a quick reheat/or 30 secs to melt cheese. And that baby, is a wrap.

My tummy is sooooooo happy after a bowl of this. Ultimate pleasure food.