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Skinto! Two weeks till pay day. So aiming to save some money, no takeaways, no going out and spending the bare minimum at the grocery store.

Bought a medium chicken for Sunday dinner. Lifey and I had the breasts for dinner with potatoes and veg. Had enough leftovers to make 3 portions of chicken pasta and a pot of chicken and rice soup which is about 4 portions.

My amazing King Pro Pressure cooker cooked the chicken in 40 minutes. Then I made stock and soup for another 55 minutes. Pasta was cooked on the hob, added a jar of sauce, parmesan and some leftover chicken. So easy and time efficient!

Housework was done this morning. Then we had visitors. Did the grocery shop in the late afternoon, ensuring I only bought what was needed. Ended up halving my usual bill – mental note – only buy what you need! Then did a few hours cooking in the early evening. With our meals sorted for the week ahead I feel all satisfied.

Work should be busy this week so my preparation will really help when I’m brain dead.