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This soup is a meal in itself and for a peasant dish, can be shabby chic’d up, for guests with a few secret ingredients. Very autumnal!

Stirs up memories of Zia Sandra cooking it for me, when University was back in session, and I was staying with her. πŸ‚πŸπŸ‚

I made this in my pressure cooker king pro today , for a speedy November dinner. However, easy to adjust for a normal pot or dutch oven. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread and butter.


2 heaped tsp of garlic

Cup of onions

Bowl of carrots

1 tbsp of olive oil

Two rashers of smoked bacon chopped into lardons

1/2 tsp of rosemary

3 pints of water

‘The Holy Trinity’ of stock cubes: one chicken, one ham, one beef

1 dsp of tomato paste

Can of barlotti beans

Cup of soup pasta (I used tiny hoops called Anellini)

Few drops of truffle oil 😲 (it really does give the soup a certain 🀯 something, especially if your serving to guests)

Parmesan and pepper to taste


Click on the fry option and cook the oil and lardons until crispy, then fry off the onions until golden. Stir in carrots, garlic and rosemary for a few minutes until mixed through. Click the fry option a few times as required, if it goes off.

Add 3 pints of boiling water to pot with stock cubes (Holy Trinity πŸ™) and add tomato paste. Mix add lid and press the soup button.

Once finished, add the beans and mash up the soup with a plastic potato masher, add in pasta, truffle oil, parmesan and pepper. Click on the pasta button but adjust timer for 3 mins. Once finished, check pasta is cooked enough, if not stick on again for another minute or put on slow cook option for 20 mins. Season to taste, maybe add a wee bit more pepe, parmigiano. Beautiful! Self-love for the tummy.