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Lovely high protein weekend brunch recipe with a touch of ziga zig ah.

Large portion, I had fasted for breakfast, so this was my lunch. If you take out the cheddar, will be less calorific. Approx. Calories = 807.


Can of shredded tinned crab

3 medium eggs beaten

Generous knob of cheddar

2 tsp of parmesan

1 tsp of cajun spice

Hot sauce as desired

Cup of shredded peppers and onions

Black pepper to taste

Oil for cooking

3 hash browns


I like to deep fry my hash browns, but you can gril or oven cook as desired. If frying, pop in fryer (I use my wok) until golden, and drain on paper towels.

Heat oil and fry veggies in pan with spices and hot sauce. Once carmelised, heat crab meat and add eggs. Add cheese and mix to scramble. Enjoy!