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The Green Bean stew is a wonderful side/main dish. Delicious on its own with bread.


Green Bean Sugo (x2)
1/2 bowl of frozen onions
1 bowl of frozen green beans
1 can of plum tomatoes
2 tsp of chopped garlic
1 tbsn of tomato paste
1 tbsn of olive oil
Sugar, salt and pepper to taste

Garlic Cheesy Bread (x1)
Slice of bread
Garlic seasoning (see pic below)
Cheese slice
Spaghetti – portion as directed on packet


Slowly cook onions in oil in large pot until golden. Add rest of ingredients and simmer for about 30 minutes. Season to taste.

Cook pasta as directed. Once cooked, add bean stew, parmesan and pepper to taste.

Grill one side of bread, when turn on otherside add cheese and seasoning. Add pepper and parmesan to taste.