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If you build it, he will come….

This quote has often come to mind in various stages of my life. I am a do-er – sometimes, I don’t even know how or what I’m going to do, but I just get started and see what happens. You may have noticed from my recipes. It doesn’t always work out well, but then I try again a different way.

During lockdown these past few weeks, and since its Spring in the Western hemisphere, the D’Good Life family have been getting our garden ready. Mr DGL and I, are very inexperienced gardeners, and Mr DGL requires a push to “jump in,” he’s more careful probably.

However, we have thrown ourselves into sprucing up the garden this year, and we’re delighted. We’re very lucky to have a garden during these times and even more lucky the weather has been great. It’s been wonderful for the kids to get some fresh air and exercise.

It’s important to make the best of things. We are grateful and appreciative of our family and our lovely garden. Lockdown hasn’t been too bad for us, as we usually work full-time in offices. It’s been nice to be at home, with the kids and each other more.

Wishing everyone health and happiness during this time. Happy Easter! Stay positive and jump in to something. ❤️🐣🌷