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This might be breaking the Pasta Mafia rules here – but in the spirit of no rules food – Tortighetti was born.

I have never heard of combining two different pastas being a thing – particularly a stuffed pasta and a long pasta. However, this may have been done already. If not then I claim kudos.

This recipe came about when I was having a major pasta crave – wanted spaghetti (as I always do) – but had tortellini to use up. So thought – meh – lets chuck em together and see what happens.

Obviously a simple sauce is required here – I used a pomodoro.


Tortellini (I usually opt for a sausage/meat one)
Pomodoro/marinara sugo
Parmesan & pepe to taste


Boil pasta as per instructions (I put the spaghetti on first for 5,then added the tortellini for a few minutes in the same pot), drain, add sauce. Add parmesan. Prego!