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For the last five years or so, I have been a student of crystology. I have been collecting and researching almost daily. Completely obsessed with my subject matter. I have not moved into the role of healer yet, at present I prefer a more academic role, though I do buy crystal presents for people, on occasion.

I sincerely believe my personal use of crystals has helped me heal and move forward in my life path. I have managed to work with them to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually heal. They have become a prerequisite in my life.

Crystals emit energy, humans have known this for thousands of years. They are commonly utilised in past and present industrial processes. Are components of technology in the following fields: sonar, ultrasound, radio, transistors, IT, telecommunications, laser, non-linear optics, solar. I’ll stop there as the list is rather long, and I would bet, will continue to grow in the future. One of the most common uses for crystals in everyday life is the quartz wrist watch.

People may look at crystal therapy practitioners and believers as ‘batty pagan hippies’, however no-one can refute the simple fact that crystals emit energy. It is not a huge leap of faith, to believe that just maybe, crystal energy can be used to help us heal and live in our daily lives.

You could definitely argue that they help the most right-wing cynic by being a component of their mobile phone. It is ‘good to talk’ after all.

Even, the most established religion’s have utilised crystal energy, perhaps without consciously realising it. The Catholic Bishop rings of Amethyst, the Jewish High Priest’s breastplate adorned with 12 gemstones and the Seal of Mohammed said to be made from red Agate to name a few. Evidence shows the ancient religions, from civilization’s such as Egyptians, Greeks, Celts and Mayans were keen advocates of crystal energy.

My favourite crystal is called Zircon, completely underrated in my opinion, in particular for it’s metaphysical properties, but stands alone to rival diamonds, the”King of the Gemstones.” It was one of the first Crystals in my collection.

Many people are familiar with Cubic Zirconia – an artificial alternative for diamonds. These stones were named after Zircon, not diamonds, because Zircons have double the refraction of a diamond.

They are available in a myriad of colours, often beginning life as a brown river rock, and after some heat treatment they become gem grade. Heat treatment, is and has, been common practice in gemology for centuries. Often, crystals are naturally heated in the earth’s core, which create natural colour changes.

Zircon was formed at the same time as the earth and is one of the oldest crystals. It has been described as a “MacGyver” of crystals – as it has so many uses. One of my favourite uses, is to use it to cure my insomnia – an Amethyst ring on one hand and a Zircon on the other, helps my busy mind find peace and much required sleep. I’ve always suffered from sleep issues, but my crystals, ear plugs and sleep music solve the problem without resorting to drugs or herbs.

Here are some of the attributes Zircon is thought to have:

* heals Adrenal Glands,

* eases Allergies,

* acts as a energy Amplifier,

* is an Ancient mineral created when the earth was born,

* helps make contact with Angels,

* helps disipitate Anger,

* helps reduce Anxiety,

* acts as an Aphrodisiac,

* helps ease Asthma,

* clears the Aura,

* eases Back pain,

* helps achieve Balance,

* heals Blisters,

* heals Bones,

* encourages Calm,

* aids in Cancer treatment,

* clears the Chakras,

* helps increase your Charm,

* helps fight Colds,

* increases Common Sense,

* builds Confidence,

* fights Contagious Diseases,

* increases Creative Abilities,

* helps to fufil Destiny,

* helps to Diagnose issues,

* helps with Diabetes,

* helps Digestion,

* increases Energy,

* protects against Evil Eye,

* helps Eyesight,

* encourages Family Peace,

* heals Fevers,

* builds Financial Stability,

* averts Financial Disaster,

* builds Focus,

* helps achieve Goals,

* is a General Healer,

* helps ease Grief,

* has Grounding properties,

* helps heal the Heart,

* helps attune to Life Purpose,

* heals the Liver,

* encourages Luck,

* heals Lungs,

* aids Manifestation,

* eases Menstrual cramps,

* eases Muscles,

* protects from Negative Energy,

* helps align with Oneness,

* helps Organisation,

* inspires Passion,

* enourages Peace,

* increases Physical Attraction,

* encourages living in the Present Moment,

* helps with Problem Solving,

* increases Productivity,

* Protects from harm,

* helps find Purpose,

* Rekindles Romance,

* builds Respect,

* brings Satisfaction,

* eases Sciatica,

* helps aid Sleep issues,

* aids Spiritual awakening,

* increases Stamina,

* eases Static/Erratic/Stuck feelings,

* builds Strength,

* decreases Stress,

* aids Study,

* helps build Success,

* decreases Temptation,

* increases Tolerance,

* helps clear Toxins,

* encourages safe and positive Travel,

* encourages Truth,

* aids building Wealth,

* helps with Weight Loss,

* increases Willpower,

* aids with Withdrawal from negative substances and circumstances,

* helps creates a positive Work environment,

* builds Unconditional Love,

* helps one feel connected to the Universe.

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