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“Nothing tastes better than skinny feels.” Kate Moss

Weight loss. When you have a substantial amount to lose, and it is taking a complete lifestyle overall, and AGES to achieve, it can feel like an epic saga. Where is the end!

Yes, your getting there, but not quick enough. A few pounds here, a few pounds there – healthy weight loss they call it.

Perhaps I am too hard on myself, or have unrealistic expectations. I have certainly found it more difficult this time, post baby number 2, to lose weight – possibly due to age (late 30s) and birth control.

I was previously (sob!), one of those lucky bitches, that lost weight almost unconsciously, once I decided to. Now, I’m eating like a saint, exercising like a gladiator, and the weight is grudgingly coming off. I suppose I should be thankful its coming off.

Fortunately, when I actually focus on a goal, I am quite the determined and single minded Odysseus. I fill my spare minutes reading and researching on diet and fitness – like Gandalf – trying to find reference to the one ring in the great library of Minas Tirith. I am, in a way, brainwashing myself, in an effort to keep myself motivated.

This focus and determination is vital on my current weight loss path, since the fat is hanging on for dear life. Why is this my current obsession? Two babies later, I have spent most of my 30s overweight, or early Nigella curvy. I was a tad overweight prior to baby number 1 – early romance curves – due to relishing in the alcohol and lovely food that usually comes with the courting dance.

I have thence forth hung up my Uterus; I want to be thin again. Like I was in my 20s, before I get old and die. Yes, I want the health benefits, hopefully steering off the numerous health issues that visceral fat can encourage, and ultimately lead to serious health problems. But mostly, I want to not have to worry about fitting into clothes, and looking chubby in photographs. Camera adds ten pounds dahling.

I also want to be fit and strong. I know what my body can accomplish now, and this has spurred me on to get superhero fit. I want abs and lovely toned muscles!

I am inspired by celebrities who have achieved significant weight loss post partum e.g. Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham (I can’t believe she’s had four children, hats off Ms Beckham), Kate Middleton, Adriana Lima to name a few. I finally appreciate and admire the self-sacrifice and dedication it has taken for these ladies to reclaim and sometimes improve their figures. I know they are often criticized for their “skinny” figures but I admire them, as I know how hard its been for me, and I’m only half way there.

This personal quest is invigorating and liberating. Its me taking back the power (“I got the power“🎶), being in control of my body. Possibly a natural happenstance of having little control of my body during pregnancy, birth and recovery.

I’m just about half way there. Once I meet my goal I’ll be at the maintenance stage. And its been TOUGH. So tough, that I don’t think I’ll ever get overweight again. The road to Mordor ain’t fun and games honey, just ask Frodo and Sam.

Maybe I should be grateful, that this experience is difficult, and consequently is a HUGE deterrent, to never put on significant weight again. At the end of the day, it’s not where you start or where your at, its how you finish. I will meet my weight and fitness goals. End of.

Fuck you salads!