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It has occurred to me, since I’ve been on my fasting quest, I should probably read the 5:2 diet book. I just read some articles and kinda went with it.

I know there are supposed to be health benefits aswell as weight loss, such as more energy, good for your digestive system to have a break, etc. But I’m going to actually read the book for full details. I’ll review it at end of post.

All in all I’m really happy with the plan so far. I’m finding it easier to fast and easier to eat smaller portions without thinking about it. For example, I was in a fried chicken restaurant at the weekend – and for my main meal was served 3 chicken pieces and coleslaw (I’d also had four chicken wings) – couldn’t finish it! I think I would have before. I’m also naturally not eating as many carbs at night on non fast days.

Fast Day 6 – Achieved (think I’ve mastered the fast day now so going to stop with Achieve/Fail)

Breakfast: 2 white coffee’s with sugar. Approx. Calories 72.

Lunch: 15 g of applewood cheese (in individual small size for easy diet snacking), a babybel and an apple. Chopped this up as a salad. Approx. 212 calories.

Dinner: Spanish fish & bean stew. Approx. 250 calories.

Total calories: 532

Definitely getting easier to do, not so much when your Auntie Maureen visits with a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, mind you. Today I even went to the gym – since I had a baby sitter – thanks Auntie Mo! Also planning on one of those donuts tomorrow with my coffee. 😋

Fast Day 7

Breakfast: 3 coffee’s & milk. Approx. 60 calories.

Lunch: Cajun King Prawn Salad. Approx. 167 calories.

Dinner: Homemade Nando’s chicken with peppers,onions and cauliflower rice (Tesco do frozen sachets you can microwave). 246 calories.

Total: 473

Fast Day 8

Breakfast: 3 white coffee’s. Approx. 60 calories.

Lunch: Lentil soup with bacon and oatcake. Approx. 266 calories.

Dinner: Jerk Chicken Salad. Approx. 220 calories.

Total: 546

Fast Day 9

Breakfast: 3 white coffee. 60 calories.

Lunch: poached egg on toast with a sprinkle of bacon (about a quarter of a rasher). Approx. 276 calories.

Dinner: Cajun Salmon salad. Approx. 226

Total: 562


So, I have been doing intermittent fasting (or 5:2) for 4 weeks now. Last week I was happy to do it forever, this week I’ve been struggling. Since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago I’ve lost 4 lbs so in total I’ve lost 10 lbs since doing the diet. I have been doing cardio 3 times a week and making good food choices (with a few sins – namely burgers) on non-fast days.

It works. I think this diet is good for you. I think it can be difficult sometimes, but I got a great sense of achievement after completing a fast day, and as there were only 2 a week, it was easy to manage. Prior to doing this diet – I seriously did not think I would be able to do it.

Whether I will fast religiously in future, I don’t think so. I think I may do it to maintain weight loss, or maybe reconfigure my fast days to 3 days and eat 800 calories on those days. I also didn’t stick to the 500 rigidly – I gave myself wiggle room between 400 – 600.


1. Makes you aware of how much you normally over eat. Resets your attitude to food.

2. Naturally trains your body to need less food.

3. Forces you to make better food choices.

4. When practiced regularly, claims to help prevent cancer, diabetes, brain degeneration and aging in general.

5. Sustainable, as you can indulge on non fast days.

6. Simple. It’s easy to do.

7. You can eat carbs.

8. Flexible, you don’t have to do it forever, you can use as a maintenance tool. You can choose your fast days to suit your life.

9. It works.


1. You can’t eat as much on fast days and may be hungry.

2. You need to plan your meals on fast days, otherwise its easy to fail, as I found out on my first week.

3. Not advisable for people with high blood pressure.

All in all I’d rate it a 9/10. It has made me think that the national RDA figures may be grossly misleading in general. I normally don’t eat 2000 a day but I don’t think I should for my body size and lifestyle.

I have also realised I often eat the calories I burn. I monitor my calories in and out, and often justify eating what I’ve burnt. ‘Lightbulb’ – think this may be a contributor to my gradual weight gain in the last 10 years. ‘No S*** Sherlock’ you may think!

Once you realise your food behaviours, its obvious how you’ve gradually put on the weight over the years.

Regarding, the book, it was interesting – but you don’t need to read it to do the diet. I got a bit bored half way through and haven’t finished it yet. I know – I’m bad.

All the doctrine (I’ve read so far) makes sense though. In conclusion, I would recommend the method, and will use it in the future as a tool when I need to manage my weight. Signing out.

See link below for book.

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“>5:2 Diet Book