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Oh my lordy! This was GOOD. I am a noodle fanatic – but this was my first attempt at this dish. Mine is not arranged as neatly as in the restaurants but was Dee-lish. Approx. calories 675.


4 ladles of chicken bone broth (I used the remanants of a rotisserie chicken)

Packet of instant noodles (discard foil packet of broth)


Half a cooked chicken breast

Half a cup of frozen mushrooms

Ball of frozen spinach

3 frozen chicken gyoza.

Chilli oil/soya sauce to taste.


Boil egg for 7 mins in boiling water. After 7 mins remove from boiling water and place in cold water for 3 mins. Peel and slice as desired.

In remaining boiling water, boil noodles. Once cooked rinse in cold water using a sieve.

Boil chicken stock and add frozen veg. Once veg cooked, reduce heat and add chicken gyoza and cook for 5 mins. Once cooked add chicken and heat for 5 mins. Add noodles to bowl and ladle soup on top. Arrange egg on top.

Season with chilli and soya sauce as desired. Enjoy!