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Following on from the Keto diet review I did a few weeks back. I decided to give the 5:2 diet a go to help lose about 2 stone and flatten my mummy tummy after child number 2.

Tried Keto and found it unsustainable for me. So on with the 5:2.

The aim of 5:2 is to eat normally (healthy) five days a week and add two fast days where you are restricted to 500 (I typically ate between 400-600) calories a day.

The 500 calorie restriction has always put me off this diet before, but since I’m finding it harder to lose weight this time round (inspite of regular exercise and calorie counting), I’m willing to give it ago.

I also know people who have had success with this plan.

I did my fast days on non workout days when I was sitting around looking after the baby while my 4 year old was at nursery.

Week 1

Fast Day 1 – Fail

Started the day with 3 cups of coffee – white with 1 sugar. Approx. 144 calories

Lunch: Savoy Royale (see my recipe https://dgoodlife.co.uk/2019/03/18/savoy-royale/) Approx. 243 calories.

Dinner: At this point I cracked and had some leftover Chinese. Point to self – do not have leftover Chinese in fridge on fast days!

Day 1 = Fail

Week 2

Fast Day 2 – Achieved

I’ve got to admit, I considered giving up on 5:2 at this point. However, decided to try again in the interest of experimentation.

So I think the secret of a successful fast day is to be prepared and not have temptation.

Breakfast: Started the day with 2 cups of coffee – white no sugar & one cup of coffee and sugar. Approx. 76 calories.

Lunch: Can of lentil vegetable soup & a Ryvita cracker. Approx. 204 calories.

Snacks: a small raw carrot and a diet irn bru. Approx. 22 calories.

Dinner: Homemade Nando’s chicken salad with french dressing. Approx. 167 calories.

Total Calories: 469

I’m so pleased I managed a full fast day and wasn’t starving. Secret is obviously to be prepared.

Fast Day 3 – Achieved

Breakfast: 1.5 cups of coffee – white no sugar & one cup of coffee and sugar. Approx. 66 calories.

Lunch: one Weetabix biscuit with 50 ml semi-skimmed milk. Approx. 90 calories.

Dinner: Cajun Chicken Hot Salad.


Approx 402 calories.

Total Calories: 565

Definitely getting easier to do a fast day now. Noticed yesterday after fast day 2 that I struggled to eat a normal days calories which was 1765. I conclude, the fasting must be recalibrating my system to get used to eating less. Not a bad result and exactly what I needed.

Week 3

Fast Day 4 – Achieved

Breakfast: 3 cups of coffee – white no sugar. Approx. 60 calories.

Lunch: 1.5 cups of homemade chicken curry rice soup. Approx. 188 calories.

Dinner: Bowl of beef chilli and 0.5 tbsn parmesan. Approx. 291 calories.

Snack: medium carrot. Approx. 30 calories.

Total Calories: 571

Fast Day 5

Breakfast: 3 white coffee’s & a oatcake. Approx. 105 calories.

Lunch: 1 cup chicken & rice soup. Approx. 125 calories.

Dinner: 1 portion of Spanish Fish & Bean Stew. https://dgoodlife.co.uk/2019/04/03/spanish-fish-bean-stew/ Approx. 250 calories.

Total Calories: 480

I found this diet (or lifestyle) sustainable once I got into it. So far I’ve lost 5.1 lbs & 3.1% fat. I’m back to my pre-baby weight (I’ve been exercising & calorie counting since January and lost a total 10.8 lbs) but I still have along way to go. I plan to continue with this diet until I reach my body weight goals.

At that point, I will just want to maintain my body weight, so I might continue with the 5:2 plan or switch to a low calorie plan. Will keep you updated with my progress.

Now for a post cardio reward……

See link below for book on the 5:2.

5:2 Book