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So I tend to make a big batch of salad and box it in air tight container’s for the week ahead. A good basic salad for me is iceberg lettuce, cucumber and red onion. Sometimes I add radish, tomato or carrot.

I like cooked chicken as a quick and easy salad topper and I’m addicted to Nando’s Medium hot sauce. Approx calories 167.


Bowl of salad

Small chicken breast cooked or half a large

1 tbsn of Nando’s hot sauce

1 tbsn of french dressing


Arrange salad in bowl and drizzle dressing over vegetables. Cover chicken breast in sauce and pop in microwave for 60 secs. Slice chicken and serve on top of salad.

Filling, healthy and low in calories. If I’m having a high protein day I’ll have two small chicken breasts or one big one.