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I am on a path to lose baby weight and ideally return to my body size from 10 years ago. I need to lose about 2 stone. I figure now is the time to do it.

I don’t intend to have anymore children. I’m currently on maternity leave and have time to focus on diet and fitness. At 36, I’m still relatively young. Current social doctrine is very focused on health and fitness just now – so peer pressure. For me, the time is nigh.

I also have a social engagement that I need to lose weight for at the end of the month. Despite exercising, no booze and calorie counting – the weight is not coming off as fast as I’d like.

So, time to try other avenues. I had heard of the success of low carb diets, most recently, The Keto – celebrity advocates Jonathan Ross, Adriana Lima, Kourtney Kardashian to name a few.

Sounds good – you get to eat lots of protein and fats. You have to consume macros of 5% carbs, 75% fats and 20% protein. This combination induces the body to enter a state of ketosis – which burns fat. Sounds easy.

As we say in Scotia, it wisnae! It is amazing how difficult it is to eat 5% carbs. I lasted 3 days and felt I was eating like a saint but disheartened I wasn’t meeting the recommended macros.

I actually began to feel nauseous eating all that fat (I know! Ironic from a Scot). My body fat % increased by 5% up to a scary 42%. Granted, I think your supposed to do it longer than 3 days for success.

Despite cutting out my typical ‘carbs’ – bread, noodles, pasta, rice, potatoes. I still struggled to get to the 5% carb goal – the lowest I got was 10%.

That was me eating a veg, ham and cheese omlette (cooked in butter) for breakfast, chicken and broccoli with butter and parmesan for lunch and venison grill steak with veg and cheese and butter for dinner.

After eating that nonsense, and still not meeting a 5% carb target, I thought, screw this for a laugh!

So I returned to a more balanced macro combination, modelled on the zone diet, 40% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein.

Next diet fad I’m going to trial – The 5:2 Diet.