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Exercise is usually a priority in my life. I’m enjoying getting back into it after pregnancy, and recovering from a C-section last year. My time allocation for exercise is limited – like so many of us.

I usually get time, depending on other social/personal/family commitments, for a gym session at the weekend. As I only use the gym once a week, I’m a member of a budget gym – £13.99 pm.

During the week, I walk as much as possible, which is easy for me to do as I live in a town centre. Sometimes, I also do a workout dvd or a fitness you-tube video, during a baby nap.

My goal is to lose my baby weight – I have a few social engagements coming up that I need to look good in a cocktail dress for. I also need to lose excess weight before returning to work, as my time will be even more constrained.

To monitor my diet, I log my food and try to work to a net calorie + exercise weekly goal of 1500 a day. This leaves me wiggle room for good days and bad days. I also try to substitute a meal, for one of the 3 S’s – Salad, Soup or Smoothie. This helps me reduce calorie intake and incorporate more fruit and veg into my diet.

However, I am a dedicated foodie and refuse to ban foods from my diet or conform to food bullying – yes vegan dictator’s I’m talking to you! I’m pro meat, dairy, gluten, simple carbs, sugar and fats. Quite the food rebel.

I do try to moderate my intake of food types in general however, and try to eat sensibly. Fats are a struggle for me – I’m always over my RDA. For example, today’s breakfast was toast and roule cheese. So, I’ll reduce my fat intake for the rest of the day. Maybe…..

What can I say? The stomach wants, what the stomach wants. D’Good Life is all about enjoying life, food, exercise. I would say that, for me, being able to eat what I want in moderation is a major incentive to exercise. However, I do enjoy feeling my body getting stronger and more energetic. I also like having a moderate curvy figure – not too skinny, not to fat.

I started my return to exercise at the beginning of the year and already notice a difference. Not on the scales yet, but on excess abdominal fat.

Wishing everyone good luck, motivation and commitment for their fitness and wellbeing journeys.

Do what works for you – don’t listen to the eijit chatter and soulless sheep who jump from one fad to the next. The key to success is just being sensible and consistent.