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Easy peasey and delicious. A good recipe for when you need to rely on whats left in your cupboard as you need to do a shop pronto!

Approximately 688 calories a portion (large). Below makes about 4-5 portions.


Tin of salmon

Jar of lasagna white sauce (430g)

2 tbl spoon of Cajun spice

4 cheddar cheese slices (medium)

2 tbl spoons of parmesan

1 tbl spoon of olive oil

1 large teaspoon of chopped garlic

Cereal bowl of frozen peppers

Cereal bowl of frozen onions

500g of penne pasta


1. Cook pasta as per instructions.

2. Cook frozen vegetables in oil. Add garlic, white sauce, cajun spice and salmon. Mix and taste.

3. Combine sauce and pasta and transfer to oven dish. Add cheese on top and grill until bubbly. Done!

Easy 3 step recipe.