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This recipe makes a silky, soft slice of beef with a silky beefy gravy. My recipe/technique is heavily based on my Auntie Mo’s Roast Beef recipe which is LEGENDARY in the family. The silky texture of the meat and gravy is down to the butter and the beef fat on the joint. Great for those people that can’t eat firm beef due to teeth issues. Pretty easy to cook. Good for a conventional roast dinner or as hot beef sandwich on crusty rolls. Great for freezing.


A joint of beef, with fat, doesn’t need to be expensive.

1 desert spoon of butter

Beef stock cube (I used beef oxo cube)

Gravy granules (I used red bisto)


In dutch oven, brown sides of joint in butter. Dissolve stock cube in water as directed add 1/3 to pot to deglaze the pot.

Add lid and roast in preheated oven as per guidelines. Once cooked, remove joint and cover with foil to rest. Once rested (approximately 30 minutes), slice joint with electric knife.

Combine rest of stock to dutch oven. Add gravy granules and whisk to thicken as desired. If using slow cooker for next stage, make gravy thicker rather than thinner.

Using slow cooker on low setting. Lay out slices of beef, topping each layer with laddles of silky gravy. Leave cooking on high for a couple of hours until beef melts in your mouth.