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My quest for the perfect mascara continues. In May, I reviewed the Eyeko Lash Alert mascara, I have since been testing the Black Magic offering (I am not currently paid to do these reviews by the way – just a mascara obsessive).

So, lets get started, I would rate this mascara as a 9/10. For these reasons.

• excellent waterproof performance.

• no flaking or rub off – even when you rub your eyes or sleep with mascara on (I know – naughty!).

• does survive a good cry unscathed (pregnancy hormones!)

• does make lashes appear more curled and prominent without using eyelash curler.

• mascara endured the recommended 3 months shelf life without quality disintegration.

• easily removed with cleanser or soap. Bit more difficult to remove with wipes, but this may depend on the wipes used.

• gives false lashes a run for their money.

• packaging and brush high quality and design.

This mascara is designed as an evening mascara and I would rate it as a 10/10 for that spec.

My perfect mascara has to be a day and night product that isn’t water-proof exactly, but doesn’t smudge or flake. I also want a mascara that is removed easily with excellent performance. So as this is a waterproof/evening mascara – its not exactly what I’m looking for – hence the 9/10. However, excellent product for what its designed to do.

Happy fluttering!