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I have always been a troubled sleeper, from a newborn to adult. In the last 3/4 years I have found some solutions, which have helped HUGELY!

Sleep is vital for a happy, healthy and balanced life. Hopefully these tips will help any fellow sleep challenged souls.

1. Ear plugs. Great for drowning out snoring and seagulls! I prefer spongy ones, I get a big box from boots, lasts me ages! This type seems to drown out far away noises so you can still hear babies crying etc.


2. Free YouTube sleep music. This just hypnotizes me to sleep the more I use these videos. Here’s some of my favourites. And yes – you can hear the music through ear plugs. I play these videos on my phone – just remember to turn your data off if you don’t have unlimited.





3. Prioritise Sleep. Make time for sleep. Have a routine and try to stick to it. I go to bed early on work nights – about 9pm or 10pm (8pm if I’m lucky). Then I’m up between 5am or 6am.

If I lose sleep due to children or a late social occasion I usually try to catch-up with a nap at the weekend.

4. Record Your Sleep. I do this via my fitbit which logs my types of sleep via helpful graphs. I thought I was getting plenty sleep but was surprised, that I’m lucky if I average 8 hours per week. So I find this tool really useful.

5. No reading or TV in bed. This is personal preference, as I find reading or watching tv can over stimulate my mind.

6. Be aware of Anxiety. When I’m anxious or stressed – I don’t sleep. So I use mindfulness or meditation to calm my mind. There are lots of free apps and videos on YouTube. Sometimes, my anxiety or stress can be that bad that I still don’t sleep. However, I do find I’m calmer, more relaxed and rested which is better than nothing.



7. Make your bedroom a sanctuary. Make sure your beds comfy, your room is tidy and uncluttered, open a window for fresh air, have clean scented sheets on your bed. Make your bed a place you want to be for the 8 hours.

8. Have children. Not for everyone of course but once you have children, they tend to exhaust you more, so sleep comes easier. That was my experience anyway.

9. Sleep in a dark room. Have heavy curtains or black out blinds in your bedroom. Its natural to sleep in the dark.

10. Amethyst crystals. Amethyst crystals are said to help promote a restful sleep and help you relax. You can have a bowl with some loose tumble stones, a crystal cluster or some lovely amethyst jewelry.

11. Lavender. This herb is renowned as a sleep aid. Indulge in some lavender pillow spray, a lavender bubble bath or use some lavender body cream before bed.

12. Exercise. A simple sleep remedy is do regular exercise. An extreme example but if you walk for 15 miles – your likely to sleep that night.

13. Cut down on caffeine. No caffeine after 12pm.

Happy sleeping peeps.