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BI made a big batch of this for my Papa, as at 92 he can go off his food. A simple soup is always a good standbye for fussy eaters, young and old. Again a easy slow cooker recipe that you can batch cook and freezes well. No fuss cooking.


Cup of red lentils

Cup of barley

Bag of frozen casserole vegetables

3 cups of chicken stock (I had homemade to hand but stock cube is fine)

2 pints of ham stock (I used cubes)

Salt and pepper to taste.


Combine ingredients in slow cooker and cook on high for 5 hours. Mash vegetables with potato masher, adjust seasoning and cook on low for an hour. Done.

You can add bacon or cooked ham for a meaty soup.

I put mine on first thing in the morning and was ready for lunch time.