So, an “empty” is not something I get the chance to enjoy much. Significant other and small child have been away last night and won’t be back till late afternoon/evening.

As much as I miss them. Its been nice to watch boxsets, eat my meals in peace, go to bed early, spend the whole morning in my nightie drinking coffee, doing my nails and pedicure and watching QVC. Its been nice, relaxing and hasn’t cost me a penny. I’m also really looking forward to seeing them later.

You gotta enjoy the hand your dealt. I see too many people who can’t enjoy the moment because they choose to want what they don’t have. This leads to dissatisfaction, stress, unhappiness and various other negative states of being. Sometimes you have to make the conscious effort to choose happiness and live in the moment.

Enjoy your present moments this weekend folks, whatever they may be. Be happy!