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I am a bit obsessive about my nails. I have a Nail Tech qualification, obtained last year, which has attributed to my passion, but it has been a life long fixation.

I did bite my nails as a child. So in my late childhood and onwards, I decided to look after my nails, and attempt to mend the prior damage. I also have naturally thin nails, so I NEED to take care of them or they break easily.

It is very important for me to use Nail Treatment’s as often as possible. I have tried ALOT over the years. See my current favourites below.

• OPI crystal file

• OPI Nail Envy – Bubble Bath

• Perfect Formula Ruby Pink

• OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil

Prep your nails before hand – clean the nails, remove polish, file & push back cuticles. Then apply two coats of Nail Envy, one coat of Perfect Formula, then apply Avoplex oil. This combination works well. You can add further coats to strengthen the polish over the next few days. Always use gloves for cleaning and gardening to protect your manicure. Add a glitter polish or a glitter feature nail if you want some pizazz.