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Ah brunch! This is yummy! Serves 1.


Cup of frozen peppers

Cup of frozen mushrooms

Cup of frozen onions

Two beaten eggs with a tbsn of milk



1 tsp cajun spice mix

1 tbsn olive oil

2 potato waffles (I use Birdseye)


Put waffles in toaster and turn to high setting – press on.

Fry veggies in small frying pan. Once defrosted remove excess water. Add olive oil and fry. Add cajun spice mix.

Once golden add egg. I steam the top of the omelette by adding a pot lid, that by happenstance fits the circumference of my small frying pan.

Wait for the top of the egg to cook. Add parmesan and cracked black pepper. Use a fish knife to scoop the omelette out. Add your tattie waffles. Dig in!