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Today I’d like to sit and sip, forget about the world a bit, Ignore the things I have to do, and just enjoy a cup or two. ~ Author Unknown

The art of ‘Taking Tea’, so quintessentially British, but we must not forget the practice was adopted from the East. Like so many valuable customs and traditions.

It is a wonderful way to take time out for self. Time to relax, refresh, replenish the body, mind and soul.

I am also an ardent coffee fan, particularly in the mornings. However pregnancy has, altered my preference, for the time being. Now its all about the tea.

So I embrace the change. Enjoy and savour my partiality for the amber ambrosia.

I chose to appreciate and give reverence to the pastime. Perhaps tea is a gift from the gods, as some would surmise. Therefore, I am thankful for tea, the peace and relaxation it evokes in my day.

Make tea, not war. ~Monty Python