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One of my passions in life is food. I choose to enjoy food. I don’t adhere to rules or fads. I eat with balanced intention. Most meals tend to have a trio of protein, carbs and veg. I’m not a food snob and will buy own brand ingredients at times.

I have diverse tastes in food and enjoy cuisine’s from all over the world. I do watch ALOT of cooking programmes, read food blogs, attend food festival’s and enjoy going out for meals. There are some excellent restaurant’s in Scotland.

I tend to get a ‘big shop’ delivered at pay day with all the non perishable and typical monthly groceries. Then at the weekend I’ll buy a ‘small shop’ which is typically fresh fruit & veg, bread, meat and dairy.

Sometimes I’ll stock up on frozen meat from a meat specialist – if there’s a deal on. I also like to have frozen fruit & veg on hand – its cheap, quick and great for casseroles, smoothies, soups and deserts.

As I have limited time and a budget to adhere to, during the week I use meal planning and batch cook at the weekend, so I’m pretty much just heating up during the week. I have two freezer’s which helps me stock up for busy day’s. I also use my slow cooker frequently. These techniques help me to feed my family within my food budget.