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I have recently changed my cleansing routine to include a Cleanser. Previously my routine included baby wipes, soap or a cleaning wash. However, during the winter this year I noticed my skin was dry and not looking good. Makeup was not lying well on my skin.

So I decided to use one of the many bottles of cleanser I had received as presents in gift boxes over the years. It was a revelation! My skin looked so much better, makeup looked better, no more dryness.

I have therefore evolved and ditched my more primitive methods of skin care. I have also, like a good Frugalteer, used up all my high end gifted cleansers.

Therefore, I had a choice, buy another bottle of one of these £10+ cleansers or find a cheaper alternative. I decided to take on the frugal challenge. After, ALOT of testing, I have found that using plain old coconut oil works a treat. Its cheap, I always have some anyway, and it even helped alleviate my nasty pregnancy rosacea. Bonus!

I usually just warm it in my hands and apply all over my face. Then wipe it off. It takes off my makeup really well, even stubborn mascara. The residue moisturises my skin well and it looks noticeably good when I get up in the morning.

Just wanted to share my discovery with any other beauty conscious Frugalteer’s out there. Happy cleansing!