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Now that my first trimester has passed, and I have a bit more energy, I decided to start going to the gym again. I didn’t make it much in the past three months.

So before everyone else got up, and I got too comfy in front of the tv. I got my gym gear on, had a banana and some water, and got my butt to the gym.

My fitness goal at the moment, is to continue to exercise as long as possible. My aim, hopefully, is to have an easier delivery than with my first baby, and to help me lose excess weight as quickly as possible. Increased energy levels would also be a welcome by-product, since a second baby will make my schedule even busier than it currently is.

My exercise preferences tend to revolve around walking and running. Therefore, it was on the treadmill for me. I know some people find the treadmill boring – but I love it.

First of all, I walk to the gym which is about 15 mins up hill. Then I use the interval method, starting slow, then going fast, then slow again. I switch between walking and running, and between the incline options. I monitor my energy, body and heart rate to ensure I don’t over do it. Injury is something I’d like to avoid obviously. I work out for about 45-60 mins, then walk home.

Sadly, I don’t tend to get the time to do this routine. Once a week is about the norm, usually a Sunday. During the week, I try to schedule in walks at lunchtime, as I work full-time.

Exercise for me has become necessary for my mind and body. Therefore, I try to make it a priority in life to increase my wellbeing.